Why you're not losing weight (it's not what you think!)

If you’re wondering why you’re not losing weight, you’re not alone. Many people feel that they’re leading a healthy lifestyle, and yet they can’t seem to shed those last stubborn kilos. It’s an extremely frustrating experience. However, there are several reasons that could indicate why you’re not losing weight like you should.

Here’s why you’re not losing weight…

  1. Imbalanced hormones can make it more difficult to shed weight. High levels of cortisol (caused by stress) and insulin are possible culprits. Low levels of thyroxin and imbalanced reproductive hormones are also possibilities. Visit your doctor to check all your hormone levels to see if this is why you’re not losing weight.
  2. My last post looked at the relationship between sleep and weight loss. Give it a read for further insight into the role that sleep might be playing in your weight loss saga.
  3. Poor eating habits. This might seem obvious, but many of us think that we are eating healthily and are unaware of bad habits that we’ve adopted. You might be eating in response to certain emotions, situations or time of day. Strange as it may sound, eating too little is also problematic. Use a food diary to keep track of everything you eat every day. This might highlight patterns and habits that you’re not even aware of – reasons why you’re not losing weight.
  4. Are your goals unrealistic? Speak to your personal trainer about what goals you should set for weight loss. Find out what the ideal weight is for your body, and make that your ultimate goal.
  5. Exercise properly. So many people think they are working out sufficiently at gym, but are not seeing the results. What you really need to do it consult a personal trainer. The way to lose weight is to have a varied routine that incorporates cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, and muscular strength and endurance.
  6. One of the reasons why you’re not losing weight is that you might be dehydrated. Your body needs sufficient water for its natural digestive and detoxification processes to function optimally. And this is certainly necessary for weight loss!
  7. If your weight loss plan is unsustainable, then you are doomed before you start. Speak to a personal trainer to get all the exercise and nutritional advice you need, as well as the motivation to keep going!

There is nothing more frustrating that trying your best, only to be left wondering why you’re not losing weight. Hopefully this list contains the answers that you are looking for. Remember to always seek expert advice when it comes to healthy and sustainable weight loss.