Healthy snacks for those who are on the go

We all have those days. Those days when your alarm clock creates a state of panic, you rush to get ready, you’re about to fly out the door, knowing that you’re running late, when your stomach reminds you that it’s been a while since you ate. You need something quick and easy. Herein lies the problem.

Quick and easy snacks are always available. That’s not the problem. The problem is what these snacks tend to be – sugary, high in fat, and generally not what your body needs. So what are healthy snacks that are quick and convenient for those living life on the go?

8 healthy snacks when time is of the essence

Halloumi or feta cheese and olives. There’s nothing like adding a touch of the Mediterranean to your healthy snacks. Delicious and nutritious, halloumi or feta cheese is a tasty salty protein and there are actually many health benefits to eating olives.

High protein wraps. Take thin slices of lean meat, such as turkey, and roll them up in leafy green leaves like kale or spinach. This satisfying snack combines protein with all the benefits of leafy greens.

Tinned sardines in olive oil. All the protein of fish plus the benefits of olive oil – and nothing could be more convenient to snack on.

Celery sticks with a nut butter. This well-known snack is a great option. If you want something other than the usual peanut butter, try macadamia or cashew nut butter for something slightly different.

Meat jerky. This provides a real protein punch and is easy to eat on the go. Opt for healthier meats such as ostrich or turkey and avoid the types of jerky that are high in fat.

Protein smoothie with frozen berries. Whey protein is a versatile product, and many argue that goat whey protein is a superior option. (You can read about that here.) Add berries for masses of flavour and antioxidant goodness.

Celery with goat cheese. Yes, goat protein again. This time in the form of cheese with the satisfying crunch of celery to add some green to your snack.

Hard boiled eggs and nuts. A great source of protein, especially for vegetarians looking for filling and healthy snacks.


Now there’s no excuse to say that you didn’t have enough time to get something quick, easy and healthy!

Do you have any suggestions of healthy snacks that fit into your busy lifestyle?