Check Out Amber’s Amazing Success Story!

Check Out Amber’s Amazing Success Story!

Find out how she lost 8.9kg, 37cms and 6.8% body fat in just 6 short months with Tighten Up!

“I started training with Tighten Up roughly 6 months ago, on the 23rd, November 2016. I had been looking to make a lifestyle change for a while and out of all of the various option available I quickly decided to go with Tighten Up. I knew it was a specialised small business which I believed would give me a more personalised experience. I can honestly say that I am so pleased that since my first day attending this, journey has been everything I expected and more!

I am a nurse which requires shift work and long hours. Over time I found my routine was completely gone and I desperately needed to get back on track with my health and fitness. I also knew I wanted someone to help me as I had tried myself but failed numerous times. Longing to be at my normal weight again, clean up my diet, and have more energy and overall confidence I was eager to get started.

I am so excited to share that within a short 6 months, Tighten Up gave me everything I was after and helped me transform! After losing an amazing 8.9kgs, I’m feeling fabulous! I am now back to my normal and healthy weight and I definitely feel a hugely positive shift in my energy and confidence. I also know that this is not just a quick fix because my diet is back on track without it consuming me.

Working to reach my fitness goals with Tighten Up has taught me to have confidence and believe in myself! It has also reinforced for me the fact that everything is mind over matter. I absolutely love the one-on-one tailored sessions and watching myself change both mentally and physically.

Tighten Up personal trainers are very professional, encouraging, supportive and listen to your goals. They WILL, without a doubt, do everything in their power to help you achieve them!”

You are amazing Amber and thank so much for sharing your inspiring success story!

Jewelz x

PS. If you would like to start your own journey like Amber please click here to get in touch to find out what we can do for you. We believe in you so much that we guarantee results or your money back!