Shifting Your Mindset to Drive Results

Do the phrases “I can’t eat that” or “I have to go to the gym”, often run through your mind when you’re trying to achieve your health and fitness goals? If so, I’ve got good news for you! Simply shifting your mindset might be all that you need to finally hit those goals. Now, I’m not saying that you should eat that pizza/doughnut/ice-cream while you skip your workout. But, how you look at any situation has a massive bearing on the decisions you make and how you feel about them. What if you could choose NOT to eat that cookie AND not feel deprived? How would you feel? And, what difference would it make to your health and fitness journey?

If the answer is “great”, “empowered” or “like I’m owning it” then read on…

How Perception Affects Our Everything

Is the glass half full or half empty?

Is feedback a chance to grow or a personal attack?

And, is a salad the only thing you can eat for lunch or a healthy option that’ll make you feel good?

In life, everything depends on the way you look at it. Your health and fitness is no exception. How you choose to look at any situation shapes your thoughts, feelings, opinions and ultimately, your decisions.

Let’s say you tell yourself you CAN’T skip gym today because you NEED to get that fat, lazy and unattractive ass into shape.

Are you feeling motivated? I’m 100% not!

But, what if you tell yourself you GET to work out today because you’re able enough to move and challenge your body? Does that make you feel more keen to see how much weight you can squat today or beat your total reps in last week’s tabata?

When it comes to health and fitness, it’s time that we stopped thinking in terms of restriction and punishment!

Choosing to eat well and stay active is all about making ourselves feel great! It’s about fuelling our bodies with food that energises us and doesn’t make us feel sluggish or sugar-crazed. It’s about training our bodies to be strong and capable so that we can do all the fun things we want to do in our lives whether that’s hiking mountains or chasing after the kids.

We’re doing it to live longer so why aren’t we trying to enjoy the journey that’s getting us there?

Choosing a Mindset to Drive Results

All too often, it’s people’s minds that get in the way of their results. If you think yours has been, next time you have a negative thought about something healthy, start shifting your mindset with these:

Situation Negative Thought Positive Direction
You’re trying to make a healthy food choice I ‘can’t’ have, my diet’s restrictive, healthy food is boring and bland I ‘choose’ not to have that, I know how good the healthy choice will make my body feel, let’s find ways to make healthy food taste great
You don’t want to work out I ‘have’ to exercise, working out is a chore, I can’t be bothered I ‘get’ to exercise today, working out is time for ME, I’ll feel great after my workout


Instead of focusing on trying to make the ‘right’ choice when it comes to your health and fitness, start thinking about shifting your mindset so that you naturally want to make the best choice for yourself. Try it and you’ll soon see how it makes living a healthy lifestyle a whole lot easier!