Lose weight with cardio by avoiding these mistakes

You only have to listen to the people at your gym who want to lose weight, to realise that their main focus tends to be on how to lose weight with cardio.

People make two big mistakes when their aim is to lose weight with cardio



Look at people working out on the cardio equipment at the gym. Chances are, they are exercising at a steady pace at a low or medium intensity. And they repeat this training session after training session. If you train like this, your body will try to adapt as quickly as possible. That might sound good, but in using all your physical and mental reserves, you’re putting yourself at a high risk of injury and/or burnout. To say nothing of the fact that you won’t be seeing the results you so desperately want – and deserve. You simply won’t lose weight with cardio this way.

What you need to do is have guidance from an expert personal trainer so that you can train at the optimal rate and incorporate strategic high intensity interval training into your cardio sessions.

As for the second mistake… Many people, including uninformed trainers, assume that in order to lose weight with cardio, you should do cardio at the beginning of your workout. If you really want to accelerate fat loss, you need to do strength training before you do cardio. This way, you are promoting the fat-burning process. You will also heighten the threshold of your muscle fibres – something that will boost your strength, fitness, and weight loss.


Here again, the solution is to hire an experienced personal trainer in your area. Not only will you have more motivation and support to train, but you will avoid these common training errors. You’ll get better results in less time. And who doesn’t want that?