Make this one a healthy Christmas

Hmmm… a healthy Christmas? Let’s be honest, that does sound something like an oxymoron. But it is possible. And more than possible, it’s important if you want to avoid that dreaded holiday bulge.

Healthy Christmas – really?

So the big question is: how can you achieve a healthy Christmas? Here are some great ideas that you can put in place to help you avoid a disastrous calorie-rich indulgence:

  • Keep up the exercise. After a big family meal, it’s tempting to slip into a lethargic slump. Why not get the family up and enjoy a walk together? It will be enjoyable family time that will not only burn some calories, but aid digestion too. Hopefully it will also encourage you to continue exercising regularly after Christmas!
  •  Get creative in the kitchen. Many of us enjoy family favourites over the Christmas period, none of which are usually good for the waistline. In an effort to have a healthy Christmas, try to find healthy variations of your favourite dishes. There are loads of great recipe ideas and tips online.
  • Practice portion control. No, you do not need that second helping. Chances are, you didn’t need quite such a generous first helping either. Keep in mind that most of our enjoyment of our food occurs in the first few mouthfuls. So just a couple of spoons of mom’s famous Christmas pudding will be sufficient to satisfy those taste buds and leave you feeling satisfied. Try serving yourself smaller portions and listen carefully to your body’s cues.
  • Nothing beats small regular meals. Thinking of skipping breakfast and your morning snack in order to ‘balance out’ the large Christmas lunch you’ve got planned? That’s a really bad idea for your metabolism – which means it’s a bad idea for your waistline. This is not the way to achieve a healthy Christmas. Try as far as possible to eat small regular meals throughout the day.

Wishing you a happy and healthy Christmas from everyone here at Tighten Up!