Procrastination solutions for TODAY!

We have all been guilty of procrastination at one time or another. As I’m sure you’ve realised, procrastinating doesn’t solve the situation. It just makes things worse. The real issue that needs to be solved is procrastination itself. But before we look at procrastination solutions…

Some signs that you are guilty of procrastination:

  • You find yourself trying to justify why you haven’t done certain things. You tend to try to rationalise the fact that you don’t do things.
  • You spend a lot of time (that’s the hint) complaining about how much you have to do.
  • You suffer from self-doubt, guilt, and anxiety.
  • You delude yourself – you believe in the life you ‘will’ have, as opposed to the life you lead right now.
  • You are incapable of admitting that you don’t get things done. In other words, you don’t take responsibility for your inaction.
  • You display neurotic behaviour.
  • You tend to criticize what other people do.
  • If something doesn’t go as planned or your performance was poor, you blame it on the ‘fact’ that you didn’t have sufficient time.
  • You try to manipulate others into doing things for you instead of doing things yourself.
  • You avoid all forms of confrontation and change.
  • You never seem to put your plans into action.

When procrastinating affects your health, you need to think of viable procrastination solutions.

Are you going to start that healthy diet? When – tomorrow, Monday, next week? And what about that gym membership that’s going unused? How about quitting smoking? Or going to the doctor for a check-up? Your health is incredibly important and should not be ignored just because you won’t do something about it now.

Procrastination solutions to turn your life around…

  • Stop thinking long-term. What can you do in the next hour? Great, now go do it!
  • Force yourself to start something that you have been putting off. Sometimes procrastination solutions just come down to sheer willpower.
  • Make a list of things you haven’t got round to doing. Now set aside a specific time every day to tackle these tasks one by one.
  • Instead of wishing and hoping and making excuses, start doing – immediately!
  • Make yourself accountable. Schedule gym sessions with a personal trainer so that you’re held accountable for arriving and putting in the effort at gym. Contact a personal trainer NOW!
  • Don’t wait until tomorrow to think about your health. Contact me immediately about setting an effective workout and nutrition plan.

I’d love to hear from you! Do you have any effective procrastination solutions that have worked for you?