Skinny Fat explained and solved

Are you tired of being skinny fat? Had enough of being told that you have nothing to worry about because you aren’t overweight and your body fat levels are acceptable? And whilst you might not be tipping the scales, no matter how hard your work out your body remains soft… undefined… lacking tone… with no muscle definition? It’s frustrating, no doubt about it.

You eat right, exercise regularly, and yet it still looks like you don’t lift! Here’s why…

If you are skinny fat then your body composition is wrong. (This refers to the ratio of fat to lean muscle mass in your body.) To be very blunt about it, you have too much fat and too little muscle. Sorry, but someone had to explain it simply. Want to know why? You’ve been doing some or all of the following:

  • Restricting your calories too much.
  • Eating a diet that’s too low in protein.
  • Doing too much cardio at the gym.
  • Doing little, if any, weight training. (Ladies, if you object to weights, please read this.)
  • Any weight training you do focuses on high reps.
  • Consuming expensive yet ineffective supplements.

Skinny fat solutions to reveal that incredible physique

  • Don’t worry about what the scale says. You need to let go of your attachment to your weight. Shift your focus from your weight to your body composition. That is the real way to track your progress.
  • To improve your body composition, you need to build lean muscle mass. In some cases you can lose fat (without losing muscle in the process).
  • To transform yourself from skinny fat to looking fit and defined, you will probably gain weight. And yes, this applies to men and women. Before your defensiveness kicks in, remember that we are talking about gaining weight in terms of lean muscle mass. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: it’s not about weight, it’s about body composition. Remember ladies, that even if you just want to look toned you have to gain muscle to achieve that look. And muscle is dense, so the number on the scale will increase as you tone up  your body. But you’ll look leaner!
  • Invest time and energy in proper meal planning. Focus on eating nutritious foods rather than counting and restricting your calories.
  • Incorporate resistance training into your workouts.
  • Lift heavy weights and focus on compound exercises. This is more effective if you want muscle definition. Promise!
  • Limit your cardio sessions.
  • Be wary about being convinced by marketing gimmicks that expensive supplements are the answer. A good diet and good training are the best solution for the skinny fat problem.

If you feel that you are a victim of being skinny fat, then contact me for a custom plan to help you reveal that well defined bod that you deserve!