Weight loss that's quick and easy

That’s it, isn’t it? The golden phrase that we all love to hear: quick and easy. Shed the kilos in less time with less effort? How delightful! Of course, there’s a multi billion dollar weight loss industry that is focused on this little phrase that we all so love to hear. Here is something that you don’t want to hear:

Quick and easy weight loss will backfire on you!

Surely not? Surely weight loss is sustainable? After all, that’s what is claimed by all these powders, pills, shakes, etc.

Quick weight loss is NOT a loss of body fat!

Here’s how these well-marketed weight loss products work: they are based on the idea of getting you to eat less. That doesn’t sound bad, right? Well, these products and fads get you to consume fewer calories that you need to maintain homeostasis (your basal metabolic rate). This is where the problem comes in…

  • That initial weight loss of 2 kilos? Your body just lost water and the fuel it needs to keep your metabolism going. Your body fat? Still exactly the same.
  • If you continue to eat too few calories for a few days, your body will go into survival mode and you will lose lean muscle. This might look like weight loss on the scale, but you actually need muscles to burn calories. And your metabolism? Much slower.
  • As soon as you eat ‘normally’ all that extra food will be stored as fat.
  • If the scale shows that you are lighter, it’s just reflecting the fact that you have lost muscle and gained body fat. That’s why you won’t have that sexy, toned look – your body will still look soft and undefined.  (Read my post on Skinny Fat for a more detailed explanation.)

So can you lose weight quickly and easily? Perhaps over the short term, yes. But you won’t be losing body fat, which is what you really want. In fact, you’ll be worse off.

For effective and sustainable weight loss solutions that are based on losing body fat, contact me for a custom plan that is tailored to your body’s specific needs.