Health secrets for sustained weight loss

Have you ever enviously looked at someone who is fit and toned, and wondered what their secret is? Wondered why it seems to be so easy – effortless even – for some people to keep in shape? Well, perhaps it’s time that we revealed these health secrets.

The health secrets that will help you lose that unwanted weight and keep it off!

Below is a list of weight loss health secrets. I didn’t just pull them out of thin air – they are based on scientific studies that tracked thousands of people who managed to lose a minimum of 13kgs and keep it off. The thing is, if you have been reading this blog you’ll realise that these health secrets aren’t so secret after all!

  • Eat a healthy balanced diet and practice portion control. This must be a sustainable practice rather than a fad. 95% of people who end a diet will regain everything they lost (and often more).
  • Remember that drinks are liquid calories. Just one skinny latte or one glass of wine takes twenty minutes of brisk walking to be burnt off.
  • Aim to exercise for an average of one hour per day.
  • Include regular weight training in your exercise regime. After your 30s, you will lose 5% of your muscles every ten years if you neglect strength training.
  • Exercise alone is not enough – you need to pay attention to your diet.
  • Make sure that you eat a nutritious breakfast every morning.
  • Have a regular weekly weigh-in to keep track of your weight. (No cheating!)
  • Do what you can to up your basal metabolism. This is responsible for burning 75% of all calories. With every kilogram of muscle that you lose because of poor diet and insufficient exercise, your metabolism will slow down.
  • Opt for active rather than sedentary activities. For example, watch less than 10 hours of television a week. (And switching from a TV to a computer screen doesn’t count.)

So there you have it, the so-called health secrets for sustained weight loss!