Identify weight loss scams before it's too late!

As I’ve mentioned before, the weight loss industry is a multi billion dollar industry. Unfortunately, this entails countless weight loss scams. These false fads have only one aim: to take your money. They are not interested in your health, fitness, and overall well-being. Some are just downright dangerous.

Telltale signs of weight loss scams

  • You’re required to consume less calories than your body requires to maintain homeostasis (your basal metabolic rate).
  • The program does not entail any form of exercise.
  • Exercise, especially weight training, is actively discouraged.
  • Fast and easy weight loss is ‘guaranteed’. (For more information on quick and easy weight loss, read my previous post.)
  • You have to buy expensive products: tablets, powders, shakes, etc.

The real consequences of weight loss scams (and it’s not weight loss)…

  • The lack of results will leave you feeling disappointed, discouraged, frustrated, as though you are a failure.
  • These weight loss scams tend to be incredibly expensive. The only thing that will show a real loss is your bank balance.
  • You will lose lean muscle mass. FYI: you need this to burn calories.
  • Your metabolism will slow down.
  • As soon as you eat ‘normally’ your rate of fat gain will increase.
  • Your body will not receive the nutrition it needs to function optimally.
  • You’ll experience very low energy levels.
  • You will notice decreased endurance. And therefore less fat burning activities.
  • These programs cause a wide range of potential health problems and complaints.

Do you actually lose any weight with any of these programs?

The real issue is not whether the number on the scale is less, but whether you have lost body fat. My previous post explains the whole issue of weight loss vs. fat loss. Sure, your bathroom scale might tell you that you’ve lost weight. That’s true – but only because these weight loss scams make you lose lean muscle mass and gain more fat. Your body composition tells the real story!

For real results, contact me for information about how to lose body fat – and keep it off!