8 Common Reasons Your Six Pack Is Hiding

Have you been crunching away on celery sticks and sit-ups but still don’t have a rock-hard core to show? There’s a reason why having abs is thought of by many to be a solid sign of fitness – getting them isn’t easy! But, with a bit of effort directed to the right areas, you can get a midsection you’re proud of. Check out these common reasons your six pack is hiding and learn what you can change to get you closer to your goal.


1. Stress

When you’re stressed your body releases the hormone cortisol that that causes a whole host of changes to help you focus on the worrying task at hand. To make sure you’ve got plenty of energy to fight or flee the situation, your body taps into your protein stores which increases your blood sugar levels and insulin production. When these levels remain elevated over time, you’ll feel more hungry, eat more and then store it all as fat around the abdomen because cortisol has primed your body to do so.


2. Relying on Crunches

Crunches and other abdominal exercises are great to develop your six pack muscles. But, no matter how much muscle you’ve got in your midsection, no one will be able to see it unless you lose the layer of fat covering it. When it comes to fat loss, crunches don’t burn a lot of calories. Instead of spending hours doing sit-ups, introduce some HIIT to your regime. It’ll be far more effective at getting that six pack out of hiding!


3. Over-training Your Abs

Your abs are just like any other muscle in your body. Training them every day will just leave them fatigued and worn out. Muscle grows while you’re resting after you’ve exercised them. So, instead of doing abs every day, dial back the frequency to let your body recover.


4. Ignoring Diet

You’ve probably heard it before that abs are made in the kitchen. If you’re yet to believe this saying then that could be one of the reasons why your six pack is hiding. Sugar, processed foods and alcohol not only add nutrition-void calories to your diet but they encourage bloating that’ll quickly cover up even the greatest of abs. Instead, eat lots of whole, fresh foods to get that midsection to shine through.


5. Not Getting Enough Sleep

Your body gets stressed when you don’t get enough sleep, releases cortisol and just like we mentioned above, bye bye abs! The solution, just make sure you get the right amount of sleep for your body. There’s no other way around it!


6. Not Drinking Enough Water

It might sound counter-intuitive, but when you’re dehydrated, your body stores more water than when it’s properly watered. Drink plenty of water throughout the day and more when you’re working out to prevent your body from holding onto water that’ll hide your six pack.


7. You’re Not Consistent

Whether you keep missing training sessions, treat yourself a little too often or bounce from one fad diet to another, failing to be consistent is another common reason why people can’t get their six pack out of hiding. When it comes to getting a toned midsection, unfortunately there really aren’t any quick solutions. Make a plan to eat well, train right and then stick to it. It’s only with consistency that results are possible!

8. Not Getting Help!

If you’re dreaming of a chiseled-out core but can’t seem to make it happen, don’t be shy to ask for help! As fitness professionals, we can guide you with a training and nutrition plan that’ll get those abs out of hiding.

With personal and group training options in the St Kilda area, we’ll help your six pack to come out of hiding. Contact us today!