Alcohol affects body composition disastrously

Are you feeling frustrated by a lack of progress at gym? Are you regularly sweating it out in your workouts, following a healthy meal plan, only to find that you’re not getting the results you hoped for? The answer may lie in that beer you have when you get home, or the glass of wine you sip during dinner. Yes, alcohol affects body composition more drastically that most people realise.

Do you know exactly how alcohol affects body composition?

Remember that alcohol is a toxic substance to your body. This is not good news. It means that several systems in your body are disrupted. The end result is far from sexy.

  • For every gram of alcohol you drink, you are consuming seven extra unwanted calories.
  • Consuming alcohol affects your body’s system for fat storage. And not in a good way. Over time, your body will start storing more and more fat. This clearly illustrates how alcohol affects body composition.
  • The consumption of alcohol also leads to more fatty acids forming and being stored in your body. Your body then learns to prioritise the storage of these extra fatty acids that are being produced.
  • Alcohol decreases your ability to burn fat. Put simply, your body will use the alcohol in your system for fuel rather than burning fat for energy.
  • Your metabolism slows down while your body processes the alcohol in your system.
  • Although alcohol affects body composition, it’s not just what you drink. It’s what you eat while you drink too. Do you like to have carb-rich snacks with your drinks? The bad news is that those snacks are basically going to be stored as fat too.


In summary, alcohol affects body composition in such a way that it makes it additionally difficult to lose weight and develop that lean and toned physique you’re after. Remember, every drink that you have will have an effect on your body’s ability to burn fat. If you want to achieve your dream body, it’s time to put down that beer!