Women's Group Training in St Kilda

Transform Your Figure with Women’s Group Training in St Kilda

There are so many added advantages to joining a program that focuses solely on women’s group training. St Kilda residents are lucky in that Tighten Up offers the phenomenal Butts N Gutts program: a women’s group training program that delivers the results you want.

  • Want to shed those extra kilos?
  • Need to beat the battle with weight gain?
  • Do you want to look your best?
  • Fancy looking and feeling attractive?
  • Can you imagine feeling great about yourself?
  • Do you desire more confidence?
  • Need to reshape your figure for that bathing suit?
  • Want to fit into your favourite jeans?Butts-N-Gutts-Logo-Heart-sml

The Benefits of Women’s Group Training

You can experience all that and more with the Butts N Gutts program offered by Tighten Up. Butts N Gutts is a women’s group training program. Have a look at my previous post on Men vs Women’s Strength Training for more info. Each Butts N Gutts program consists of 8 weeks of expertly designed sessions focused exclusively on what women want to achieve from exercise. Each of these groups consists of a maximum of 6 ladies so that you can still get individual attention and support from an experienced personal trainer.

Gym_Nov14_99_32 BNG WED StretchAdded Advantages of Women’s Group Training in Small Groups:

  • A fun vibrant atmosphere that keeps you coming back
  • Extra encouragement and motivation from your friends
  • Personalised attention from a qualified personal trainer
  • Expertly designed sessions to get maximum results
  • More cost effective than one-on-one sessions

 You have nothing to lose – apart from those extra kilos! Take a look at my post on The Best Way to Lose Weight. If you’re in a rush, you might find it more interesting to find out How to Lose Weight Fast. And then make sure you sign up for the women’s group training program that will get you the results that you are after!

For women’s group training in St Kilda, nothing beats Tighten Up’s Butts N Gutts eight week program.