Food cravings: fighting the addiction one bite at a time

Are your food cravings thwarting your efforts to lose weight?

So you have the best of intentions to eat correctly… But try as you might, you still find yourself desperately seeking high-calorie low-nutrient foods. It’s not your fault. The primitive part of your brain is wired to have these types of food cravings. Seriously. But I’m not going to let you off the hook that easily. It is possible to curb these food cravings and rewire your brain!

You are not a primitive hunter-gatherer. You don’t need to consume fatty foods to provide your body with sustenance for harsh seasons when food is scarce. You don’t rely on animals that you hunt and foods that you pick and gather. Plus, you’re not burning calories in the process of acquiring your food. You simply fill your trolley at the supermarket. Our food environment has changed drastically. Unfortunately, our brains haven’t adapted to this yet. But there is a way…

Reprogramming your brain’s food cravings

Balancing your blood sugar levels will reduce cravings

Eat several small meals throughout the day. Each of these should include some healthy protein. Ideally, you want to be eating every 3 to 4 hours. Skipping meals or snacks will cause your blood sugar levels to crash, kicking the primitive part of your brain into gear.

Keep your drinks clean

Try to only drink water or herbal/green tea. Sodas, fruit juices and diet drinks are not going to help. You’ll be consuming sugar, chemicals, and high fructose corn syrup. Even artificial sweeteners are bad news.

Include high quality protein with your breakfast

Here’s a great way to lose weight, burn calories, and reduce cravings: have healthy protein as part of your breakfast.

These steps might be difficult as first, but it will be well worth it in the end. Your body is naturally addicted to all the wrong types of food, but giving in to those food cravings spells disaster for your weight and health.

Take control of your health and fight that addiction!